Repatriation. Cargo 200

Repatriation. Cargo 200 заказать в Киеве. Цена

Among our partners there are carrier companies, airlines, government agencies involved in the process of approving and processing documents for transporting the body of a deceased person, and many funeral bureaus from around the world. This allows us to carry out the delivery of the body of the deceased quickly, efficiently, at an acceptable cost and with the maximum degree of care for the feelings and emotions of the loved ones of the deceased person.

Delivery of the body of the deceased around the world

With many years of experience in delivering the body of the deceased (cargo 200) around the world or the remains of a deceased person, we facilitate the transportation of the body, provide informational consultations, and answer all your questions. We overcome all bureaucratic delays, legal or administrative obstacles, as well as possible problems with logistics.

The Pantheon funeral house has documents and licenses that allow obtaining, at the request of relatives, the necessary permits for processing documents for the repatriation of the body.

We pay special attention to the religion of the deceased, we try to take into account the ideology of his life, and also take into account the nationality of the deceased person. Due to the fact that our staff speaks many languages, as well as are well versed in the cultural studies of each nation, we find a common language with all clients.

What is included in the list of services for the repatriation of bodies of the deceased:

The Pantheon funeral house has the necessary vehicles, as well as qualified personnel, connections around the world and reliable partners. All ritual vehicles are equipped with the necessary cooling system, which allows you to transport bodies over long distances without compromising their safety and integrity. Our international scale allows us to offer many options for the delivery of the body: we can offer fast transportation of the deceased from door to door by land, organize the repatriation of the body by air, as well as organize the delivery of ashes to anywhere in the world.

In order for the body repatriation process to proceed as quickly as possible, and also to avoid any difficulties and problems, we suggest paying attention to our services. We will make sure that everything goes on at the proper level, and that the body of the deceased person or his ashes are delivered to the destination in a timely manner and without incidents. To receive answers to your questions, as well as perform services for the repatriation of the body of your loved one, please contact us and we will help you.

Cargo 200

The presence of a certificate for the right to sell air transportation made it possible to conclude direct cooperation agreements with such airlines as:
MAU, Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines, AirFrance, Britishairlain, flyDubai and others.

The company has connections in almost all countries of the world, but if necessary, our representative travels to any country on his own and fully undertakes the preparation of all the documents necessary for transporting the body. Also, our company provides full legal support for all processes related to the transportation of the bodies of the deceased in any country in the world.

Our qualified employees are fully competent in all the requirements and legislative norms of the countries of Europe, the CIS, the USA, which allows us to draw up all the necessary documents in the shortest possible time. Our Ritual House officially cooperates with Ritual Houses of the full complex in the CIS countries, Europe, and the USA. The qualified personnel of our partners will prepare the deceased according to all requirements and standards for further shipment and subsequent farewell.

Our funeral service organizes the search and return of the remains of the bodies of Citizens of Ukraine from anywhere in the world. Also, the range of services provided includes the organization of the burial of the deceased (both burial and cremation).

According to international sanitary requirements, the body is placed in a sealed shipping zinc container, which, if necessary, can be equipped with additional filters.

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