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How much does cremation cost in Kiev
The process of burial through cremation of the body is often referred to simply as “cremation”.
This process includes many services: preparation of the body of the deceased; execution of certificates, certificates, permits and contracts; selection, purchase and delivery of ritual goods; ritual transport; renting a hall and organizing a farewell ceremony; holding a memorial dinner.
The relatives of the deceased determine which processes they organize independently, and which services it is advisable to entrust to the specialists of the funeral agency.
The total cost of cremation in Kiev for each case consists of the cost of goods and a range of services.

Ritual goods
• Coffin – from 900 UAH.
• Ritual bedspreads – from 250 UAH.
• Ritual urn – from 800 UAH.
• Funeral wreaths – from 450 UAH.
• Wreaths of fresh flowers – from 3500 UAH.
• Clothes for the deceased – from 1500 UAH.

Basic list of services
• Funeral service brigade – from 1500 UAH.
• Delivery of the body to the refrigerator – from 1500 UAH.
• Delivery of the coffin – from 500 UAH.
• Registration of a package of documents – from 1000 UAH.
• Body storage for 1 day – from 600 UAH.
• Body embalming – from 1800 UAH.
• Rent of a hearse – from 1500 UAH.
• Funeral ritual – from 600 UAH.
• Manager’s services – from 600 UAH.
• Rent of a hall for the farewell ceremony – from 500 UAH.

What is the minimum set of ritual goods and services to choose
• From ritual goods: coffin and bedspread. If you are planning a funeral service: a shroud, a ritual church set and candles.
• From services: ritual transport, personnel to carry out the coffin with the body, the organizer of the funeral and the priest.
• Include a farewell ceremony prior to cremation in the funeral process. Plan your ritual room rental.
• The next step will be the choice of a refectory or cafe for a memorial dinner.

What not to do
The death of a loved one is accompanied by stress and shock is an adequate response. This is known and often used by “black agents” who have received information about the tragedy, arrange fraudulent traps and lure out large sums of money.
If hospital, morgue or police officers impose funeral services, do not forget that such “mediation” will have to be paid.
Do not let strangers into the house.
When calling the Ritual Agent PANTEON, the administrator always provides the full name and service data of the employee.

How does the cremation procedure take place?
For cremation, you first need to draw up the appropriate documents.
Cremating a deceased person on the day of death is prohibited by law.
If there is reason that the person died, cremation is carried out only with the permission of the prosecutor’s office.
First, in the morgue, orderlies prepare the body of the deceased: they wash, dress, offer to do posthumous make-up at your request, and put the deceased in a coffin.
The coffin can be selected in our salon with delivery to the morgue.
The coffin with the body of the deceased is transported by ritual transport to the hall of farewell ceremonies.
Cremation is carried out in the Kiev crematorium.
The Kiev crematorium was built in 1975. The complex of structures includes: an administrative building, parting halls, crematorium ovens and a columbarium.
In the hall for the farewell ceremony, the coffin with the body is placed on the elevator. At the end of the farewell ritual, the coffin is lowered into an underground gallery, transferred to an electric car and moved to a transit room, from where it enters the cremation oven.
After cremation, the ashes are placed in a special urn.
In the process of organizing the cremation (2-3 days), you will have to meet with a representative of the clinic, police, morgue, civil registry office, prosecutor’s office, crematorium, ritual agent, seller of the ritual salon, personnel for removing the coffin, driver, clergyman …
In order not to plunge into the routine of organizational processes, our specialists will issue certificates, permits and contracts, organize the interaction of the participants in the process.
The PANTHEON funeral agency has facilities for burial: its own fleet of vehicles, personnel, refrigerators, all the necessary ritual paraphernalia are presented in our salon.

What documents are needed for cremation
Medical report on death.
Issued by a family doctor or a general practitioner or in a morgue in the case of anatomical or forensic examination. For registration, the passport of the deceased and the passport of the bearer are presented.

Stamp death certificate.
Issued by the Civil Registry Office at the place of registration of the deceased, or at the death registration center in Kiev. For registration, a medical certificate of death and a passport of the deceased are presented.
Prosecutor’s permission for burial or cremation.
If a forensic study is being carried out, you need to obtain permission for burial from the prosecutor’s office of the area where the death of the person occurred.

Cremation documents.
They are issued in the Kiev crematorium.
Provided: stamp of death certificate, stub from the medical certificate of death, customer’s passport.
Entrust the execution of certificates, permits and contracts to our specialists. They do this every day.

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