Ritual transport

Ritual transport заказать в Киеве. Цена

Ritual transport

Modern buses and minivans will provide comfortable transportation of people to the cemetery in any area of the city and to the institution where the memorial dinner will be held.

We provide a hearse to ensure the safe transport of the coffin with the body of the deceased. The funeral transport of our company is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the correct and reliable fixation of the coffin, as well as the convenience of the attendants. We have thought over every nuance, and even the interior of the car reminds of the tragedy and irreversibility of the moment.

Experienced drivers transport 200 cargo to other countries or, if necessary, deliver the coffin from other countries to Ukraine.

Ritual transport - Ритуальные услуги Киев. Похоронное бюро в Киеве. Организация похорон.

You can order ritual transport (order a hearse) by the numbers from the agents of the Pantheon ritual bureau:

☎ +38 067 315 72 32

☎ +38 050 027 07 07

Prices for funeral services of the PANTEON funeral agency: https://ritualkiev.com.ua/en/prices/

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